Adult Swimming Goggles UV Normal & Prescription Waterproof Anti-Fog Adjustable

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Adult Swimming Goggles UV Normal & Prescription Waterproof Anti-Fog Adjustable



Polycanic carbonate (PC) lens, light transmittance, strong impact resistance

Legile UV protection, outdoor use can effectively protect your eyes;

Adopted advanced anti-fog technology, the anti-fogging effect is lasting, and the sight is clear in the water;

Silicone lens ring, close to the eye frame, silicone lens, super comfort, softness, waterproof performance;

Using ergonomics, fluid mechanics principle design, streamlined appearance, small resistance in water;

Rugged card, very convenient to use. 


Material: PC, Silicone

3 colours available: black, pink, blue

Mirror Width: 70mm

Mirror Height: 38mm

Total Length: 157mm

Belt length: 220mm * 2

Package included:

1 x Swim Goggle Glasses (As your choose)

1 x Storage Case 

Note: Only prescription swimming goggles include nose clip


1. On the inside of the swimming mirror, the headband is rotated below, placed in the palm;

2, wear the swimming mirror;

3, with both hands to put the head in the brain, then remove the hands; Warning: Don't pull it directly from the front to remove the swimming mirror, so as to avoid the hurt of the swimming mirror.

Swimming maintenance instructions:

1. There is a fog coating in the swimming box, please do not wipe with hands, paper or cloth;

2. To ensure anti-fog effect, flush with water and naturally dry after use, put in the mirror box to place in the dark place;

3. Please avoid the landslishes to be exposed under high temperature or sun.


1. Children must use this product under adult supervision;

2, don't dive deep water, so as to prevent eye pressure;

3. If the anti-fogging effect is not satisfactory during use, the main reason is that the water quality is not clean or oil, resulting in some chemicals on the surface of the anti-fog layer, affecting the anti-fogging effect of the anti-fog layer, it is recommended to use neutral washing Division cleaning the inside of the lens to restore the anti-fog function.

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